Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puru, a 9-year old Kid made First Ever Made in India Google’s Doodle

First ever Google Doodle by Puru Pratap Singh
This Children’s Day you might seen a special Google’s logo with a peacock resembling ‘G’ of Google with Mahatma Gandhi, Symbols of Different religions of India, Kashmir, Lotus (National Flower of India) and all this in Google’s logo live for a full-day on 14th November.
Puru Pratap SinghThis First ever ‘Made in India’ Doodle is a creative art designed by a 9-year old Class-4 Student Puru Pratap Singh, Gurgaon, India. The talented Kid has been a winner of first ever Doodle Competition in India chosen through an online poll from 4,000 nationwide entries and the theme was “My India-Full of Life”. The logo was displayed for a Novermber 14th full day on Google India homepage to celebrate Children’s Day.
For over a decade, Google has been designing doodles for its homepage underDennis Hwang. Puru made the first ever Indian Google’s Logo (Doodle) and for this Puru gets a Rs 1,00,000 technology grant for his school.


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