Saturday, September 11, 2010

New themes for a new orkut

Like you, the Google Chrome team was pretty excited last week to see all the new features debut on orkut. The improved page rendering and image loading on orkut really take advantage of the speed and functionality of modern web browsers like Chrome.

It got us thinking: how can we show how excited we are about these new features on orkut? And here's our answer! We're pleased to announce new themes for a new orkut:

We asked artists, hailing from all over the world, to design 6 themes inspired by today's digital lifestyle. Some designed beautiful patterns out of the gadgets that keep us connected. Others celebrated the communities we form and the emotions we feel when staying in touch with our friends and family online.

Just visit the orkut themes page and pick a new theme! Once you choose your favorite, you can get the same theme for Google Chrome, a fast web browser, and then browse the web with speed and style!

Download Google Chrome now and get the official orkut extension built right in. From anywhere on the web, you'll receive orkut updates and scrap notifications, and you'll be able to search on orkut or share the webpage you're viewing with your friends. There's no better way to stay connected!

Dress up your profile and your browser in a spiffy new theme and join us in celebrating the modern web.

Re-Posted from Sarah Nahm, Google Chrome team.


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