Friday, December 4, 2009

Check if your Gtalk Friend is Logged in from Mobile, Blackberry Device, Gmail or other Gtalk Client

All you need to do is download and install Digsby, one of the best and recommended Gtalk client, and login with your Gtalk credentials. Whenever your friend becomes visible on Gtalk, just hover over his status on Digsby window and you will be able to see their status as mentioned in the screenshots below:
identify gtalk buddy's client identify gtalk buddy's client2 identify gtalk buddy's client3
 identify gtalk buddy's client4

Hope, if not earlier, at least now you must have understood this quite useful feature of using Digsby. On your friend’s status message’s ‘resource’ section, you can check how your friend is logged into Gtalk. If he/she might have logged in from multiple devices then all of them will be listed here.
For those who are still not using this great app (free of course), this may be another reason for you to try it out.
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