Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google Chromium OS

Google has finally released Chromium OS as a open source project. The news about Google’s Chrome OS has been received by people with anticipation which is expected but views on the OS are different in many ways. Some experts think Chrome OS will drive Google to go the Microsoft way. Others think it will not last and the idea of an Chrome OS is not suitable when Linux is still around.

About Google Chromium OS

  • Chromium OS will work on the principle that many people who use a computer may not want a OS which takes 45 seconds to load up. Chrome OS will load up in approx 3-4 seconds.
  • One thing that stands out with Chrome OS, is it’s laser like focus on the internet. Google being an internet giant has not lost it’s focus with its OS. It keeps the focus as the internet and has built the Operation System around what a internet user will need.
  • Chrome OS will not store a lot of data on the computer. This will give it a great advantage when it comes to security. All files and data will be stored online. Even if the computer is hit with a virus when Chrome OS updates the virus will be removed automatically.
  • This will also mean that when if Chrome OS crashes, there will be no data loss as all data will be stored online. So if my Chrome OS crashes all I will need is to re-install it and I should be good to go with all my data intact as it would anyways be stored online.

Chrome OS vs Windows 7

Many blogs might be taking the name of Chrome OS as competition to Windows 7, but I doubt that is the case. Google has kept its focus on internet functionality unlike Microsoft which is multi focused. I doubt Google is even looking to rival Microsoft’s Windows with Chrome OS. The impact Chrome OS will have on the Operating System market is still to be seen. Being still a year away from when it might get out of beta where Chrome OS will position itself is difficult to predict.
But if Google gets Chrome OS right, there is a good chance that people who are just using the internet and their browser with their computers might just dump Windows and move over to Chrome. I do not see Mac users dumping their Macs for Chrome OS as most people who buy a Mac would need their computers for a lot more than just using the internet.


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